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Essential wedding planning tips

Essential wedding planning tips


Planning that dream wedding can always be a bit of a challenge as there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. There are some secrets that are essential to a successful wedding that some brides are not opportune to get and these are the kind of things that differentiate from a stressed bride to a calm bride. 

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Build rapport with vendors: Vendors love a calm and easy going bride and groom (don’t worry, we love the bride and groomzillas too!) and building a good relationship with your wedding vendors makes the wedding planning process so much more smoother. Some vendors may even be inclined to give you a small discount just based on the rapport you have or may even throw in some few extra bits for you at no extra cost just because of the relationship you have built. So be nice to your vendors and build a good rapport!


Work backwards with your budget! I know you’ve heard this all before as this is paramount for every successful wedding as it influences the manner in which the event is planned. However, it is very important that one doesn’t just budget for the wedding day but life after the wedding. Think about how much you would like to take away with you on honeymoon, housing arrangements, house shopping for your marital home and how much you want to start off married life with. This way, you focus on what’s truly important for you as a married couple and look at how much you have left to spend on the wedding day. Remember the wedding day is for the guest and the marriage is for the couple.



Get your wedding planner to book your wedding vendors: It is very likely that your wedding planner will have a directory of tons of vendors they have worked with and can vouch for, all ranging in different styles and budgets which will save you the time and effort of looking yourself. Not only that, wedding planners are more likely to get discounts as a courtesy of referring other vendors services which saves you some extra money to put towards something else.

Create a separate wedding email address: Now your engaged, its all sunk in, you’ve had your time, you post a million pictures of you using your left hand to do things around the house or at work (despite the fact that your right handed) and its time to start enquiring for the wedding vendors. Unless you know exactly which vendors you are definitely using, you’re going to get in touch with 3-5 or even more vendors in the same category and you don’t want to be fishing through wedding related emails alongside 10+ newsletters that you have subscribed to, spam emails or different companies telling you about a new product or flash sale. Creating a new email address takes less than 2 minutes and you’ll only see wedding associated emails making it easier to respond to and find particular emails. You can create a simple email such as “NatalieandMichael2020@hotmail…” That way you and your fiancé both have access to the email account.

Marriage License: Make sure to check your state’s requirement on securing a marriage license and plan towards it as this can take anything from a number or weeks to a number of months depending on how booked up they are. Fast track to your wedding day, ensure you appoint a trustworthy person to give a copy of your marriage license to for safekeeping in the event that you lose yours.